Introducing: Wrangle

If you’re anything like us, you’ve long awaited a technical assist that will make finding work and talent in this business just a little easier. You’ve made and received hundreds of last-minute calls. You’ve prayed clients and freelancers would deliver on their various promises. You’ve anxiously awaited schedule-changes and call sheets. You’ve asked yourself quietly or out loud: “When is there going to be an app for this?” We hear you. Our industry works hard and we deserve better.


Wrangle is a first of its kind community of professionals in media & entertainment, powered by the latest tech to help our members work with and for the best. We’ve built a platform that supports creative collaborations by helping you find reliable freelancers or new clients, and by making it easy to book and manage teams or projects.

Still on the fence? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have (just contact us), but we’ve selected a couple of standard ones to kick things off: 

What sets you apart?

Fair question. With so many job boards, directories, and freelance marketplaces to choose from, why add another to the mix? While all of those existing platforms are useful in their own right, none of them seem to address the full range of unique problems our industry faces. We wanted to create a trustworthy community where creatives are given the tools to hire and be hired, manage projects, and give feedback on collaborations, all in one streamlined service. Here are just some of the unique features that we feel set us apart from other sites and apps: 

  1. Members are admitted by referral only.

  2. No pay for play accounts or ads, ever.

  3. Give anonymous feedback on teams.

  4. Hire and be hired from one account.  

How does this work? 

There are so many features we’re excited to share, but basically Wrangle works in four easy steps: 

  1. Create a profile. Decide whether you want to accept job offers, optionally share a set or negotiable labor rate, link to your work, and list any equipment that you might want to rent. We aim to make profiles as useful and to-the-point as they can be. No long monologues or hidden ads. 

  2. Start a project. If you joined with the sole purpose to staff a project, now you’re ready to start one and hire freelancers into it. As a freelancer for hire, you will soon see members try to book, hold or contact you. You may also receive “blasts” from clients looking to fill a position that matches your profile and skill set. How you respond is up to you! 

  3. Manage your team or job. Once you’ve assembled a team or have been hired into one, you will be able to access project information and see the fully confirmed crew. Project pages will be updated with schedule changes, contacts, documents… anything relevant to the job at hand. 

  4. Give feedback. Once a project is wrapped, teams are encouraged to provide anonymous feedback to Wrangle. We ask a very simple question: Would you want to work with this person again? Your answers help us assign future gigs and ensure the next collab goes even smoother. 


Who can use your platform?

Our members are all in media and entertainment related fields, so any project that falls into those categories is welcome. No project is too big or too small: Need a drone pilot for that epic sunset shot? Want to hire an entire film crew for a commercial? Looking for a storyboard artist? A post production team to handle your mix & color? Whatever your creative endeavor, it is our priority to ensure you have access to the right talent, at a moment’s notice. 

Why is Wrangle invite-only? 

We want to be careful to grow our community the right way. We are never trying to exclude individuals, just aiming to ensure our members are working with industry professionals and don’t get burned on their next collaboration. You know those house parties where a group of strangers shows up last-minute and trash the place? Our goal is always to remain fair and inclusive, but we’d like to avoid anyone burning down the house in the process. 


What will this service cost?

While Wrangle is in beta, we are not charging for memberships. Once we move past the initial test phase, our platform will move behind a paywall. Users will be asked whether they want to continue using the service at a TBD annual or monthly cost. We’re still conducting some research to see what our community would consider to be fair! Since Wrangle is not currently handling payroll, we will not be taking commission and will rely on membership fees only. 

Who are you?

Wrangle was founded by a programmer (Phil) and a producer (Lena). We’ve been friends since Kindergarten and spent the last three years developing this technology and workflow with the goal of supporting the creative community in a meaningful way. So tell us how we’re doing, humble us with your comments, impress us with your work, and we promise to do all we can to help along the way. 

We hope to see you on Wrangle soon,

Lena & Phil

- For more info on Wrangle’s workflow & tech, check out our About page. -